About POOL MART in San Antonio, Texas - Pool Service, Pool Supplies, Pool Equipment, Pool Cleaning

A Brief History of Pool Mart

We started in 1985 as H and S Pool Care. We cleaned swimming pools and did minor repairs. In 1995 we decided to open a retail store. Pool Dudes Inc. was formed in February 1995. In April we opened Pool Mart, our retail store. Pool Mart is a subsidiary of Pool Dudes Inc.

In 1996 Polaris Pools came to us and asked us to be a pre-authorized warranty station - the first and only one in San Antonio, and only the fourth in Texas. They came to us because of our knowledge of their products and understanding of how those products work.

Within the next two years Jandy, Pentair, Hayward, Goldline, Raypak, Ultrapure, Waterway, and Delzone — all the major equipment companies in the swimming pool industry — asked

us to represent them as an authorized repair center. Our technical staff go to all the tech schools that the manufacturers have.

We have seem to found our niche in the swimming pool industry. We don't build swimming pools, so we can stay neutral as we fix the related products and equipment. Builders don't have to worry about competition because we have no desire to build swimming pools. Yet we never hesitate to help people with ideas on swimming pool setups, pool equipment, water features and safety issues.

Pool Mart
TILC # 305